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Under this head come the cases where the size of the brain gradually

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in cases of haemorrhage and chronic cystitis. The speaker be-

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surgerv, that a friend of mine had a polypus removed several years ago,

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that not only is dysmenorrhcea not obstructive in all its

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Internal Medication. Cimicifuga, ignatia, lachesis.

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puration. Out of this series of cases one hundred and

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oil. During the first day or two enemata of normal saline, boric acid or i}4%

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Society, on the Construction of Instruments, and their mode of action

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Hill Crest is a member of: American Hospital Association, National Association of Private Psychiatric Hospitals,

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not have been the fearful mortality of nearly 300 deaths which

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the patient had shortly become conscious, there had been no

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with those noted in connection with the prevailing type of

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of the endocardial lesion which had given rise to it. This result is

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sembles ordinary gonorrhea or blennorrhagia, but is not

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bone lesions, and great distortion may take place. Bones are

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scientific work, to occupy an honourable and lasting position

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serum will also give fixation with acid-fast and other antigens. The

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doses sufficient to maintain the nitrogen equilibrium,

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can deal with. These organs, when diseased^ become often much worse

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example, to compare the mean age at death of major-gen-

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and the severity of the disease proper. Sometimes it is

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pleuritic pain, and that the poultices, etc., contribute to the patient's

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periments nearly forty times upon different animals ; and we see that recent-

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manhood amongst these hill- tribes. They are stronger physi-

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mostly from England, f and it is for the most part stated that the

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of its many forms will show itself. I do not beheve that

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the top of the bag, and he inhales the medicated steam or vapor;

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Celsus de Medica, notice of by Dr. Venables, translation of 283

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applied to the foot, and the most absolute rest enjoined. This

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striking results from its use. Barwell' gives some cases in which remark-

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troduced immediately into the mouth, twice in coffee, once in cider, and

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more thin and firm; until the outermost of all, which was

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the very beginning in pleurisy we should guard well the patient's

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mere esthetic considerations; they have an important influ-

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sive hemorrhage with albuminous urine; but these belong to

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ensTble and powerless by a blow which may leave scarcely any appreciable

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the capsule causes traumatic cataract and absorption of the

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last, has been indefinitely postponed in consequence of