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red and hot and pamful, and yet typical cases have features which suffice
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svmptoms, there has been found widespread desquamation of the epithe-
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willinll! |inc,|ilil.l> JllT.-clili..' 111,. |.ir.sMiii.. Tlic i|ll.'sti<MI is, \Vlin-(> .In. -
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111 I is traveliiiir towards the heart can easily he shown hy measure-
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auricular valves to ojien. Here a^'ain. then, the ventriele is a clo.sed cavit.v.
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swelling occurs in the face or in parts of the trunk; in the other, the picture
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means of checking this symptom, nothing answered better than
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present. Circumscribed oeaema is not uncommon, and may be ephemeral
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out that small transparent cystic swellings, which he regards as probably
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tion of the points of the papillae, much less common, but if present associated
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iioiii the burette or pressure bottle to the cannula in the earotid artery.
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head to the navel was 26 cm., and from the navel to the soles of the feet 25 cm.
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pelvis and iliac fossa, while if rupture does occur we may have diarrhoea
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as dangerous depressive effects on the heart are sometimes seen to follow
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acromegaly." Any confusion is strange, since in acromegaly the hand
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Another group of closely related substances coming, not from the
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"'" ' Ill' ill tlu' l.xcl (,f 111,. iliii.K Tlic niidiii!.' is tli.-n tal<on on ili.
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determined by the power of the i)lasma to ahsorl) carbonic acid, than in
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the bones and cartila^. With this there are usually marked trophic changes
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I i;ilily delayed- that is, ininiedi.ately follow inir the Iie<jiniiiii<r of the
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is naturally a remedy that one should very rarely use in the earlier stages of
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with a fairly rapid course, the latter being slow and insidious. In every
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Pain in the wrist-joint and hand is sometimes very severe and constant.
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one instance the pain was greatly relieved, so that the patient could sleep,
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processes of the vertebra are often much enlarged. The clavicles are
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plained first, as I understood, (for we did not at-
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but it is impossible to say whether it was causal or a complication of the
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in the interstitial connective tissue, where the characteristic cell proliferation,
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or simply due to rest in bed. In most cases, however, such an outcome
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absence of fever and general symptoms, and the local peculiarities. Goitre,
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onljr occurred in the winter; in the warm weather he was perfectly well.
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sition. It gave some signs of life, but it continued
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tendency to that, nor to the deformities of bones or (except in one case, with
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»( e.ves, rouirlieninfr of the fur, etc. \Vheii eertain fat.s are added t-
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tion. The tumors, perhaps in the neck or mediastinum or axilla, attain enor-
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Frequency of urination, 90 cases; pain during urination, 46; urgency of urin-
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lii!'^i:.ti..ii ..! Alii, ..I K,-ll,.\,.,. sJJ: Inl<'i^i:iti..n >•( Aiit:i-..nl>th' |{cM,'x,'s,
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■■'iiitinuous sheet, luit is sejiarated liy a sjiace at the aurieuloventrieidar
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a similar change j there were also several of those
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true of Schildowsky's case.* Of coiu^e, the above relation to lues may have
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panies certain cases of chronic nepnritis (Pousson).
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