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rupture of the abscess wall. In these cases of extensive and spreading
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especially, if it have taken place rapidly., jtends to compre^ the heart,
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entire population of Porto Rico only 8.7% live in towns
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now. Periods regular. Diet, adequate. Was menstruating on
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hemiplegias, and upon the side of the sensory paralysis in spinal hemi-
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the glaucomatous depression of the optic nerve entrance.
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whereby it is possible for the student to verify the
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Apt. lOA, Brooklyn, NY 11201, telephone (718) 243-1087.
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Cotterill, Second Year Scholar ; Robert Wishart Lyell, Francis
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mals the so-called exogenous cyst development is the more common, in which
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to Probable Focal Infections. — Dr. George W. Hall
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artistic merit and convey to the mmd the impression
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ing chiefly carbohydrates during work and production of animal
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oi India-rubber tubing were attached ; and then warm water
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time to time, showing that the people are witholding informa-
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From this report it also appears that yellow fever must be considered as en-
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tice. And furthermore, lie would remark that more con-
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distend the abdomen. Progressive emaciation attends the progress of the
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Erasmus Darwin assumed that a miasma which is distributed in
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Upon looking back on the old days one cannot but regret
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the case be urgent : but then some powerful compositions should be added to all
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from the perusal of which one may learn what this sys-
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beyond all question by numerous successful results. In tseai^ii^ a nasal
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than of advanced chemists, it may not be superfluous to quote them. " Mr Davy
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recommended by so many American dermatologists, and by Unna, and
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cerned with secretion, i.e., the gland cells, or nervous appara-
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Martin, (1) "Demonstration of the Effect of Head Positions
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the Schneiderian membrane, violent congestion of this membrane