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Often she has a tingling in the legs, the muscles of which at times

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from such inflamed joints as well as from a scrofulous osteomyelitis offers

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leukaemic lymphomata, may be found in the heart, liver, kidneys, retina,

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is generally well developed, and is prone to express itself by uncontrol-

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denly swells enormously, remaining pale, cool, and free from pain, and

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least during sleep, but in the most severe cases by keeping the patient

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be located in the axillary region or in the back. Dyspnoea then takes

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spinal symptoms are : first, those of irritation ; second, those of paralysis.

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in the opposite direction, the face looking away from the lesion. The

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DIAGNOSIS. Acute multiple neuritis is distinguished from Landry's

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mercial intercourse. The first known period was from 1805 to 1816 ; the

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pustule occurs chiefly among butchers, stable-boys, shepherds, tanners,

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ETIOLOGY. In the great majority of cases tetany is due to rickets.*

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eventually make their appearance, and the dead portion of the kidney

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typhoid ulcers rarely serve as a cause of hepatic abscess. Emboli may

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nuclei (corpus striatum). The function of these centres is unknown, the

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of its course, death usually occurring in the course of a few months.

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removed through the woimd by a surgeon shortly after the injury was

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extremities soon grow cold and bluish, and are often swollen by a diffused