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and in the anterior horns. Very considerable dilatation of the vessels

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the loins ; sciatica, when it affects the hip ; arthrodynia

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We shall close this branch of the subject by offering a few

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Drs. J. C. Shaw, Drs. G. G. Hopkins, Drs. J. Bvrne,

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better to expose the eyes to strong diffused daylight than to light focussed

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were interviewed in some depth to obtain ciues as to

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lity to suppress information^ as it is often his duty to

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considered not to have complained of her husband's impotence quickly

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meaning and use of any one thing, but even the most experienced

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rally, the skin in its totality often yields to these destructive processes

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belonging to the advanced stages of hydrocephalus; "rolling of the

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that goes to overhead and administrative costs. What’s

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there by the blood stream, and while in the blood stream come in

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Governors of the New York Hospital, were actuated by an enlarged and en-

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I made several, but quite ineffectual, attempts to estimate the

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requisite in a commander. These qualities he not only displa3red

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began afresh, filling every avaUable vessel, and deluging the bed and

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holes in the inner sole and reaches the foot itself. In that way,

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And yet an analysis is said to have been ^account of the celebrated institution for the

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j^<^,e3^I^dJ8i^,(p^l,^ Ipudly ,^ ,tho^ of.Jnynaiiity for ^tigp."

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She and her friends were very much relieved, for she had heard that it was

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In- employed in the first stage of acute pleuritis, we are led to the conside-

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mode of living, which conforms as nearly as possible

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But even without the coexistence of this malformation, an unnaturally

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Council, to which body the subject had been referred

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once more exposed to the elastic tractioil of the lung. The dilatation

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of syphilitic infection ; g, carious bony trabecule.

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wound. The surface of the bone is rough. The surrounding

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and overarching domain. . . There is nothing in all the etiology

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leucocytes were frequently counted and were practically normal

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rence of a color reaction with nitroprusside of sodium, due to the

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number of times the man has been tapped, and the fact that recently

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than to those who are beginning to develop the disease of

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it be at once disclaimed that the idea is held that all

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IPECAC.-H., dr. 1-2 (gm. 4.-8.). C, dr. 2-4 (gm. .8-15.). Sh., dr. i-1

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of sinking typhus, within a few hours, this is not generally the case.

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question so often asked, why certain deaf-mutes, of

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markably good effect. A single drop was usually sufficient. A

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rupting my work and entirely diverting my thoughts before

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to the perineum, dieting, bathing and a regular antiphlogistic

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sion of local infection, while the possibility of migration of

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is great dulness of the right side, especially under the clavicle; the left side is also

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