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ally listening over the back and in the course of the descending aorta

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d. And, lastly, by insects which have been in contact

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Kingdom, have recently reopened the question. In Loveday

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praeoordial dnlness is concerned. But the symptoms are more rapidly

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Aerial Scientific Ascents. — The Chemical News tells us, in a

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ed in bulk as compared with the original quantity. This dry charcoal

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killed with ether and heart excised and perfused. Perfusion began at 4 p.m.,

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is poisoned in detail by the retention of its own excrements.

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of a single instance where the disease proved fatal to

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processes, which are as a rule, however, external to the tube itself,

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The findings in plethoric animals have an interest in this connection.

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vagina is to narrowness, both from its contractility

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PEDIATRICS — Intensive Course, four weeks, starting

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and continue normal for weeks or at most half a degree or a degree

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Jefferson Medical College held its seventy-sixth annual

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contents by the diurrhoea which pret-edes the dj-senteric evaeua-

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Resolved, That we extend our sincerest and deepest condolence to the wife and

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the pupil dilated whilst no new growth is found on opening the eye.

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joints. Early in the year 1867 he experienced a more profound condition

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the trephine had been prudently used, in nil probability it would have

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sake of completeness in this article, we may say that it consists essentially

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neys collectively called ^right's disease. In a case under my

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of cases the range of variation was remarkably small.

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ing or fixing complement in the presence of lipoids.

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agitated, he answers by claiming a broad margin for discretion, and

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remainder of his lecture, will be given in a future Number.]

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nal sphincter, and parallel to the outline of that muscle. The skin was then

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But the campaign against the louse must be more and

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the Burlington and Home Districts. On the same day I prosecuted and fined a quack. Dr.

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of condition of bodily health or of sanitary environment.

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Their evidence, until discredited by more trustworthy evidence

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however, when the vein has been found, we should expose the vein

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lem, the nurture of children problem, the heredity problem,

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applied, was in reality a di-ease of rare occurrence, and

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Dr. B. S. Barton was the next writer that noticed it. He says : u It

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a large factor in its practice. — Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.